Collaborating with Arvinas

Partnering with Arvinas

Arvinas is committed to expanding its transformative degradation platform and moving important new therapies into clinical development, and we would welcome discussions on meaningful strategic collaborations.

Our interest in collaborating is to expand the universe of druggable targets with our transformative protein degradation technology.

Opportunities for platform and product deals, including the following:

  • Targets of interest to Arvinas
  • Targets of interest to partner
  • Targets with ligands with suboptimal affinity
  • Targets with ligands without function
  • Targets with nontraditional binding ligand

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Arvinas has significant partnerships with Merck and Genentech, two of the leading research and development organizations in the industry. We believe their interest in protein degradation as a therapeutic approach to address difficult disease targets offers an exciting opportunity to explore the full potential of PROTACs to harness the body’s ability to degrade disease-causing proteins.

In April 2015, Arvinas announced a strategic collaboration with Merck to develop novel therapeutics using Arvinas’ PROTAC technology, which is designed to degrade harmful target proteins. The multi-year collaboration covers multiple disease targets across several therapeutic areas.

The deal is worth up to $434 million in research, development, regulatory and commercial milestone payments, and included an undisclosed upfront payment, and research funding, in addition to tiered royalties. In exchange, Merck will have rights to select and study targets using the PROTAC technology.


In November 2017, Arvinas and Genentech, a member of the Roche Group, expanded their multi-year strategic license agreement for the development of new therapeutics using Arvinas’ PROTAC technology that was first initiated in October 2015 to encompass additional disease targets and expands the collaboration.

As part of the expansion, Arvinas is now eligible to receive more than $650 million in development and commercialization milestones as well as tiered royalties on sales of products. Genentech has the option to further expand the collaboration to include other disease targets for consideration.