Associate Scientist / Sr. Associate Scientist (Biology) (9)

Arvinas, a new start-up company in New Haven, CT, is seeking talented, innovative, and experienced biologists to investigate oncology target biology as well as to develop novel, targeted therapeutics that address the underlying genetic drivers of cancer. Successful candidates will participate in drug discovery teams that will develop both cell-mechanistic assays to probe target/pathway modulation and phenotypic assays to explore cell function.

Our Mission: To create a new class of drugs, which degrade pathogenic proteins as a way to treat diseases with serious unmet medical need and improve human health

Education and Training

  • BS/MS with 8+ years of Pharma/Biotech drug discovery experience

Preferred Skills and Abilities

  • Innovative, independent, motivated and productive problem solver with excellent communication skills who also works effectively in a team setting
  • Strength in experimental design, execution, and data analysis
  • Organized, goal-oriented and timeline-conscious
  • Strength in leveraging multiple assay platforms for measuring target engagement, pathway modulation and cell sensitivity in response to compounds or target modulation
  • Experience in design, QC and execution of medium- to high- throughput 96/384 well assay formats, such as ELISA, quantitative Western, cell viability/death
  • Molecular techniques: cloning, PCR, RT-PCR, cell line engineering
  • Protein expression and purification

Experience in utilizing compounds and molecular target manipulation (e.g. RNAi) to dissect target function and dependency


New Haven, CT

Please send CV and cover letter to: