Computational Design Chemist

Arvinas, the industry leader in protein degradation science is currently expanding its computational chemistry group with an additional hire to support the design and optimization of PROTACs, bifunctional, chimeric molecules that recruit target proteins to E3 ligases for ubiquitination and degradation by the cells natural and selective protein homeostasis system.



The successful candidate should be an industry-experienced computational chemist with postdoctoral experience in molecular dynamics simulation, free energy perturbation calculation and/or conventional docking, and an understanding of basic medicinal chemistry.

Experience in protein modeling or protein-protein interaction modeling is a strong plus, and an ability in scripting, computer networking or cloud instance management is desirable.

An ability to effectively prioritize and deliver on tight timelines, plus good oral and written communications skills are a must.

Experience in using computers and databases for data collection, compilation, analysis, and information dissemination is also required, as is proficiency with MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.



New Haven, CT.

Suitably qualified candidates should send their resume plus a cover letter to