Research Scientist/Sr. Research Scientist (Biology) (2)

Arvinas, a new start-up company based in New Haven, CT, is seeking innovative, collaborative and experienced biologists with expertise in cancer biology to investigate oncology biology as well as to develop novel, targeted therapeutics that address critical therapeutic targets to benefit patients suffering from cancer. Knowledge of the underpinnings of cancer therapeutic approaches is preferred but not essential. These positions require facility in working across disciplines to integrate the efforts of a project team to drive the discovery of novel small molecule therapeutics & deliver them for clinical testing.

Our Mission: To create a new class of drugs, which degrade pathogenic proteins as a way to treat diseases with serious unmet medical need and improve human health

Education and Training

  • Ph.D, with 3+ years of post-doctoral experience in cellular and molecular biology, pharmacology or enzymology. Focus on cancer cell biology and drug discovery preferred but not essential


  • Innovative, motivated, researcher with strong problem solving and communication skills
  • Strong expertise in drug discovery approaches and scientific techniques
  • Strength in running and evaluating experiments to measure target engagement, pathway modulation and therapeutic sensitivity in response to compounds or target modulation

Preferred but Non-essential Requirements:

  • A Ph.D. or equivalent in biomedical research and a productive post-doctoral fellowship (at least 3 years) with a strong background in cancer biology and signaling and outstanding publications
  • Molecular-genetic understanding of cancer; facility incorporating this knowledge into drug discovery
  • Experience in developing assays to profile compounds using mechanistic and functional readouts
  • A demonstrated ability to be innovating and to advance new scientific understanding
  • Demonstrated success in working on a cross-disciplinary, drug discovery project team; integrating and evaluating the work of multiple drug discovery groups / functions
  • Expertise in developing compound profiling assays to support chemistry efforts in developing structure-activity relationships that guide lead identification, optimization & development candidate selection
  • Solid understanding of how to leverage biomarkers and translational research to guide development of personal medicine
  • Knowledge of assays & metrics that report on potency, selectivity, ADME, PK, PD & efficacy


New Haven, CT

Please send CV and cover letter to: