Sr. Associate Scientist/Research Scientist (Neurobiology)

Arvinas is a pharmaceutical company focused on developing new small molecules ‒ known as PROTACTM protein degraders (PROteolysis TArgeting Chimeras) ‒ aimed at degrading disease-causing cellular proteins via proteolysis. Based on innovative research conducted at Yale University by Dr. Craig Crews, Founder and Chief Scientific Advisor, the company is translating natural protein degradation approaches into novel drugs for the treatment of cancer and other diseases. The proprietary PROTAC-based drug paradigm induces protein degradation, rather than protein inhibition, using the ubiquitin proteasome system and offers the advantage of potentially targeting “undruggable” as well as “druggable” elements of the proteome. This greatly expands the ability to create drugs for many new, previously unapproachable targets. 

Arvinas is seeking a talented, innovative, and experienced biologist to investigate how targeted-protein degradation can impact neurodegenerative diseases. Successful candidates should be highly motivated and enjoy working in a team-based environment.

This position is laboratory-based and requires strong experimental skills with a background in cell biology, particularly with primary neuronal cultures, and experience in quantitative assay development, cell-based compound screening, biochemical assays, immunocytochemistry, and high-content imaging.


  • BS/MS degree in neurobiology or related discipline
  • 8+ years Biotech/Pharma experience drug discovery experience in neuroscience


  • Culture and maintenance of cell lines, primary neurons and iPSC-derived neurons
  • Stable cell line generation
  • Assessment of compound efficacy via immunocytochemical, biochemical and molecular biology techniques, such as immunostaining and immunoblotting
  • Interaction and collaboration with biology and chemistry team members to contribute to structure-activity relationship determination
  • Analysis of experimental data, addressing methodological problems in experimental protocols and results
  • Documentation, compilation, and interpretation of experimental data.
  • Presentation of data in oral and written reports in a clear and concise manner to supervisor and project teams
  • Management of laboratory notebook, databases and/or spreadsheets to compile and present results in a meaningful manner
  • Keeping up-to-date on relevant scientific literature


  • Proficiency in basic lab techniques and principles of cell and molecular biology, biochemistry and neurobiology
  • Proficiency in culturing primary neurons and neuronal cell lines
  • Experience in assay validation, assay development and small molecule testing
  • Basic understanding of neurodegenerative diseases
  • Ability to work and problem-solve independently while under general supervision by the project leader


New Haven, CT

Please send CV and cover letter to: