Sr. Research Investigator/Associate Director, DEL Chemistry

Arvinas is a pharmaceutical company focused on developing new small molecules ‒ known as PROTACs (PROteolysis TArgeting Chimeras) ‒ aimed at degrading disease-causing cellular proteins via proteolysis. Based on innovative research conducted at Yale University by Dr. Craig Crews, Founder and Chief Scientific Advisor, the company is translating natural protein degradation approaches into novel drugs for the treatment of cancer and other diseases. The proprietary PROTAC-based drug paradigm induces protein degradation, rather than protein inhibition, using the ubiquitin proteasome system and offers the advantage of potentially targeting “undruggable” as well as “druggable” elements of the proteome. This greatly expands the ability to create drugs for many new, previously unapproachable targets. For more information, visit

Position Summary

  • Design, synthesize, and analyze DNA Encoded Libraries (DELs)
  • Develop synthetic methods to enable novel DEL synthesis and/or to identify and implement innovative technologies
  • Analyze, interpret, and report experimental results at chemistry, program, and companywide meetings
  • Maintain detailed records of experiments in electronic lab notebooks in line with company policy
  • Contribute to conceptions, presentations, publications, and patents
  • Maintain a detailed knowledge of literature related to areas of research


  • Experience in Small Molecule Library Synthesis, Hit to Lead and/or Lead Optimization processes with strong interest in method development
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and follow multiple SAR treads for target/off-target potency and ADME optimization
  • Strong ability to design target molecules using both ligand and structure-based design principles
  • Experienced in using cheminformatics and other computational tools in drug design
  • Experience in purification and analytical methods (Preparative HPLC, SEC, LC/MS/MS, NMR)
  • Experience with operation, troubleshooting and maintenance of qTOF mass spectrometers and familiarity with automated liquid handlers is a plus
  • Ability to work effectively within a highly multidisciplinary team and experienced in collaborating across disciplines
  • Team spirit and excellent interpersonal skills
  • Ability to multitask while adhering to timelines
  • Self-motivated innovator with a focus on efficiency.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Strong record of presentations, peer reviewed publications, and/or patents
  • Desire to lead initiatives in platform chemistry


  • PhD in synthetic organic or medicinal chemistry with 5+ years medicinal chemistry experience in the pharmaceutical industry and 2+ years in DNA Encoded Library design and synthesis


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Arvinas is proud to offer a competitive package of base and incentive compensation as well as a comprehensive benefits program designed to support the health, wellness and financial security of our employees and their families. Benefits include group medical, vision and dental coverage, group and supplemental life insurance, and much more. To learn more about Arvinas, please visit

Arvinas is an Equal Opportunity employer